Windlasses and capstans

A windlass makes navigation simpler and more enjoyable, and anchoring makes it faster, easier and what is the most important – safer! Quick windlasses are made of various materials (aluminum, chrome, stainless steel), and have a gypsy which accepts both chain and rope and all models are available in a version with or without drum (addition to the rope).

There are available models with different strength – from 150W to 3000W, for boats from 5 – 24m. Additional equipment includes a wide range of products, for example, chain counters, different types of switches (windlass control board, foot switches) multipurpose hand held remote controls, radio remote controls, contactors and reversing contactor units, connectors…

For all models – 3 years warranty!

Vertical models   On deck models Captans Accessories for windlasses


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