Bow and stern thrusters

Boat docking isn’t always simple, especially when the rough sea and wind decrease already limited space for navigation. For this reason, it is safer to dock with bow thruster managing with simple remote control.

Experience in design and manufacture of electric windlasses has allowed Quick to accelerate development of the models bow thruster, for which quality they guarantee (3 years warranty).

In its offer, Quick has bow and stern thrusters for motor boats and sailboats from 8 till 30m with thrust from 30 kgf till 270 kgf. Engine power moves from 1,5 kW till 12 kW, voltage 12V or 24V.

One or two rotating propellers for tunnels with different diameters: fi 140mm, fi 185mm, fi 250mm, fi 300mm.

BTQ electro propellers are made of solid composite material, with gearbox in bronze and elastic joint.

fi 140 fi 185 fi 250 fi 300 accessories


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