MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers can reduce boat roll up to 95%, are very effective at speed as well as at anchor. 
The range is conceived to meet any kind of requirement, ranging from the smallest boat (day cruise o center console) to superyacht, with no installation limits. 
The stabilizers can be installed during the refitting too. 
MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers offer unique features and are the result of careful research, aimed at achieving highly competitive performances and assuring maximum safety. 
With MC2 Quick Gyro on board, the comfort is guaranteed and you can enjoy all your special moments with rough sea too. 

  • High performance
  • Complete protection
  • Smart, compact design
  • High installation flexibility
  • Dynamic precession control
  • Precession lock function from remote panel.
  • Equipped with Quick® electric motors.
  • Low noise emission.
  • Thermal protection.
  • MC² Touch Remote Control
  • MC² Mobile App (iOS and Android)

MC2 Remote Control 5"

MC2 Mobile App
MC2 stabilizers can be managed using the remote touch panel with graphic display (multi-station compatible).

MC2 Mobile App records the performance of the stabilizers during sea trials. MC2 Mobile App is comprehensive and viewable on both smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android).


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